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Strategy and Discussion: Ignis, the Furnace Master
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 Post subject: Strategy and Discussion: Ignis, the Furnace Master
PostPosted: Sun Mar 22, 2009 1:03 am 
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First, a pretty spiffy HD video from the public test realm:

First, his abilities:

• Scorch: Conal AOE (think dragon breath) dealing 2357 to 2643 Fire damage every half-second for 3 sec. Ideally, only the tank eats this damage.

Additionally, the ground is scorched by this effect causing it to catch on fire, dealing 3299 to 3701 Fire damage every second to all enemies within 13 yards. Iron Constructs within this radius will begin to heat up, eventually becoming molten.

• Flame Jets: Jets of fire from the ground that deal 5655 to 6345 Fire damage, knocking the targets into the air and interrupting any spells being cast for 8 sec. In addition, the targets take 1000 Fire damage per second for 8 sec.

Think Malygos's vortex, with a DoT on the back end. Healers should be especially aware of the casting, since the silence could lead to big problems trying to heal through the damage.

• Slag Pot: Ignis charges and grabs a random enemy target, tossing him or her into the slag pot that hangs from his belt. Yep, you're thrown into his molten junk. The target is unable to attack Ignis and takes 3500 Fire damage every second for 10 sec. If the target survives, they are imbued with the magical slag, increasing their haste by 150% until canceled.

This is basically Kel'thuzad's Ice Tomb -- fair amount of fast damage, gotta heal through it.

• Activate Construct - 3m-ish HP. Constructs are slow-moving, slow hitting adds with a lot of health.
If you kite or tank the adds through the scorched area left over by scorch, they will gain a buff called Heat that increases their movement and attack speed by 5 percent. This buff stacks to 20, when it is replaced by a buff called "Molten". At this point, the construct's attack and movement speed are doubled and they will deal a pulsing aoe of about 2,500.

Once Molten, constructs can be kited or dragged into the water pool in Ignis' room, at which point they become Brittle, greatly increasing their damage taken. Constructs will shatter -- insta-die -- if hit by an attack that hits for more than 5,000. Upon shattering, a Construct will do 20,000 damage in an aoe radius around them. So don't be near.

Most recent beta build has Ignis recieving a stacking Strength buff for every construct that he summons; it's expected that killing the constructs reduces the stack, but it's bugged as of March 16.

Most likely we will be required to kite the constructs back and forth through the fire until they are Molten, then take them to the water. We're gonna need a kiter / semi-kiting offtank.

Achievements aren't finished as yet, but here are the placeholders. All the times / numbers are likely placeholders.

• Shattered - Defeat Ignis the Furnace Master while shattering x Iron Constructs within x seconds.
• Hot Pocket - Survive being thrown into Ignis the Furnace Master’s crucible.
• Stokin’ the Furnace - Defeat Ignis the Furnace Master in x seconds.

As of now, there are no "hard modes" associated with Ignis.

Think Gluth with Kel'thuzad's Ice Tombs and Malygos' Vortex, but more gentle.

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