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Strategy and Discussion: XT-002 Deconstructor (normal mode)
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 Post subject: Strategy and Discussion: XT-002 Deconstructor (normal mode)
PostPosted: Tue Mar 24, 2009 3:40 pm 
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First of all, nobody's ever going to remember this name, so I'm calling him Botsy.

Here's a video:

Boss has only 1 phase, with an 8 minute enrage timer, but spawns adds at each 25 percent of his health -- 3 times during the fight, at 75, 50 and 25 percent health.

He casts 2 different debuffs on raid members:

* Gravity Bomb: Charges a raid member with dark energy, causing them to explode and pull in nearby allies after 9 sec. The range on the sucking is 10 yards. Solution -- stay 10 yards apart.

* Light Bomb: Charges a raid member with light energy, causing them to sear nearby (10 yards) raid members for 3k-ish a tick.

The main complication during the no-add phase is Tympanic Tantrum, which is like a juiced up Vortex meets Kel'thuzad Ice Tomb:

* Tympanic Tantrum: Deals 10% damage every 1 sec for 12 sec. Nearby enemies are also dazed for the duration. Cast once a minute.

That means that each person in the raid will be dealt 120 percent of their full health over the course of the Tantrum.

What we're probably going to want to do is burn him to just above the 25-percent thresholds and then wait for a tantrum, if one is close, before we start the add phase.


* An Energy Orb, which heads to the corner of the room, which AE's for 12750-17250 (10-man) and summons multiple adds. If you take the bomb to 50% health it explodes, reducing HP of everyone within 20 yards by 50% and killing any adds it hits.

* XM-024 Pummeler, just melee. Arcing Smash (~2k), Trample and Uppercut, melee for 1.5k-2k on plate. Minimal dps. Has 200k HP on 10-man. Offtank should go grab these. They cleave, but do minimal damage.

* XE-321 Boombot, bombs the raid. Explode with a 12k-13k hit, which includes NPC's. Has 12k HP on 10-man.

Think we'll try with ranged DPS should focus on picking these off first.

* XS-013 Scrapbot, which merge into him if they reach him ("XT-002 Deconstructor consumes a scrap bot to repair himself!"). Think Gluth.

Has 7k HP on 10-man. Melee DPS can go around whacking these, i think. Also AOEable, with such low health, so we'll have to see how to divide up labor on scrapbots / boombots.

After scrap / boombots are dead, can polish off pummelers.

After three robot phases, polish boss off and loot.

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